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Sweet stag timepieceGreen howlite necklace

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Homage to the Log Driver's Waltz

Last month something sparked a lovely bit of nostalgia for me around the National Film Board of Canada. My family never had a TV but I do remember, on those school days that were far too close to a holiday for kids to actually be able to focus on work, the big projector (later replaced by a TV) would be wheeled in and we would spend our afternoon watching the delightful NFB short films most notably “the Cat Came Back” and the all-time favorite “the Log Driver’s Waltz.” *

Of course I had to look them all up for a current viewing and as silly as it might sound, I actually got intensely emotional while watching the “Waltz” again.

Complete with a handmade flannel pouch of course!

I’ve never really considered myself to be very patriotic- in fact, with dual US and Canadian citizenship by blood and birth, I’ve always seen myself as a North American rather than belonging to either country specifically. But there it was, with Kate & Anna McGarrigle’s voices coming through the speakers and flannel and toque clad loggers twirling on the screen I was struck with how sweetly, simply and honestly Canadian the film is –I was feeling serious pangs of Canadian pride! Naturally I had to do a piece to celebrate it.

As I am often haunted by unfulfilled creative projects, I’ve been waking each morning since to a head full of the “…birling down, a down white water…” so here is my homage to the great “Log Driver’s Waltz” I hope you love it as much as I do!


*For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure: The Log Driver’s Waltz is about a young girl who loves to dance and chooses to marry a log driver over his more well-to-do, land-loving competition. Driving logs down the river has made him the best dancing partner to be found. It’s a lighthearted, animated tale based on the song The Log Driver’s Waltz by Wade Hemsworth. Kate and Anna McGarrigle sing to the music of the Mountain City Four.


Autumn comforts

I love Autumn, I really do and I know I'm not alone. There's something so lovely and sensual about the fall: colors are more vibrant, scents are more pungent, the weather, sharper, even the flavors of Autumn foods are more robust.


Lovely pine cones


Cast pine cone necklace


Delicious homemade apple-cranberry crumble with pecans and fresh yogurt- I can't seem stop baking this time of year. Nothing like working in the studio with the smell of pie or crumble wafting through, the oven's warmth taking the chill from the air.


Necklace made with a beautifully textured sliver of antler from Latvia


Handsome brass stag cufflinks

Wishing you all a lovely and sensual Autumn! xo Kat


Custom designs for Asphyxia's Beautiful & Damned at FAT!

Just a little preview picture from the 1920's inspired collection of jewelry and hairpieces that I designed to accompany the amazing Asphyxia's 2014 Beautiful and Damned collection at FAT last week.

I'll post some more pictures shortly!

xo K


Curious Oddities 2014 Spring/Summer colour teaser

Ivory, green and a hint of orange, turquoise, riverstone, Czech glass and Art Nouveau style cloisonné enameled beads

Champagne, mango, peach and a hint of turquoise, mountain jade, pearls, pink aventurine, Czech glass and Art Nouveau style cloisonné enameled beads — at Champagne, mango, peach and a hint of turquoise, mountain jade, pearls, pink aventurine, Czech glass and Art Nouveau style cloisonné enameled beads

Cerulean and aqua blue with white, gold and Art Deco elements: turquoise, riverstone, magnesite, Czech glass and cloisonné enameled beads

Honey, peridot, olivine and tangerine with a touch of aqua: Czech glass and Art Nouveau style cloisonné enameled beads

Bold opaque and translucent yellow with white, black and strong Art Deco elements: Czech glass and cloisonné enameled beads

Azure and sky blue, riverstone, mountain jade, Czech glass and Art Nouveau style cloisonné enameled beads

Carmine and cherry red, white and rich cobalt blue: mountain jade, riverstone, magnesite and Art Nouveau style cloisonné enameled beads

Violet, lilac, amethyst, royal purple and a hint of magenta: glass pearls, riverstone, mountain jade, Czech glass and amethyst




Warm Wishes for 2014 & a whopping 35% off appreciation sale!

For myself and for so many of my dear friends, colleagues and lovely acquaintances, 2013 was an unbelievably taxing year: full to the brim with seemingly insurmountable challenges, heartbreaks and financial strain. But we toughed it out, and with strong spirits, good friend and much determination we've made it through to the other side.

Here I raise a glass to you fine folks: for your support, feedback, enthusiasm and patronage, all of which make it possible for me, and all of those that I work with, to pursue our dreams. For this I am immensely grateful. Here's to a new year beaming with hope, promise and potential. May it bring a Renaissance of creativity, collaboration, joy and prosperity for us all.

With so much love and appreciation,
your Curious Curator Kat xo